Monday, June 13, 2011

Rumah Peranginan Persekutuan Morib

On this trip to Morib, we had decided to try out the "Rumah Peranginan Persekutuan" which is managed by the Property Management Section of the Prime Minister's Department. If you are a government servant you'd be eligible to stay at this nice place. Beside this one in Morib, there are other similar ones in Cameron Highlands, Port Dickson, Bukit Fraser and Tasik Kenyir...It only cost RM50 a night to rent out a nice and cozy 2-bedroom chalet which is a real bargain.

This is the house of the Malaysian Badminton Legend, the Sidek brothers.. 

We arrived quite late and it was about 5.30pm when we registered at the Registration Office. Registering was such a brief and upon registration, you are given the keys and the remote control for your Astro set. Yes, all the chalet has Selected Astro channels but before you can rejoice let me tell you that they only subscribe to the Family package which offers basic channels. So much for HBO !!!!

The Registration Office

The exterior of the 2-bedroom chalet..
Upon checking out our chalet, I was quite surprised. The chalet is very cozy considering its not newly built. The ammenities in the chalet includes a fridge, stove and everything you would expect of a kitchen just like home. In fact you do not have to bring any plates or cutlery as they are all provided.

The interior...

The living room and dining area..

One of the room...This is the bigger room @ master bedroom..

The kitchen is fully equipped with not only a fridge and stove
but all the cutleries, plates, tea set, knives and all that a
kitchen should have..

The beach of the Rumah Peranginan Persekutuan Morib

I found a very interesting looking crab while beach-combing
with my son during low tide
When we stayed at Impian Morib during our last visit to Morib, there were no beach. However, here there are beaches which you can have fun at. My activity is as always to check out the inhabitants during low tide. There are hermit crabs, Fiddler crabs, mudskippers, various kinds of fish fry (I'm not sure what they are) and many more. My son joins me in this activities. He is as much fascinated as I am with what we found !
The 1st night we had dinner at our favourite place, Juvita Seafood which is about 9Km from where we were staying. Here you can choose various type of seafood like fish, crabs, squids and a few species of cockles..
Sweet Sour Squids...yummmyyy...
On the second night, we had a mini BBQ for dinner. There are BBQ pits available but we brought our own BBQ grill. 

I would suggest that you try these "Rumah Peranginan Persekutuan" if you are a work with the government sector. You can view and book (and even make payment) online. Just visit the link here to book your choice of Rumah Peranginan Persekutuan ........    Rumah Peranginan dan Penginapan Persekutuan 

P/S : If you do decide to stay here you would probably need to bring mosquito coils or mosquito repellent as mosquitoes here are aplenty.... :) 

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